Wild camping Norway

In my opinion one of the most beautiful countries in Europe and maybe even worldwide. Once Norway was in my head I got so taken away by the incredible landscapes on the millions of pictures that I just had to go there. Maybe even the best thing of this country is that you are allowed to go wild camping.
We decided to take the car, two tents, supplies for ten days and food for the first couple of days as we were going to catch our own fish when there.

Let’s go. We drove from Holland to Oslo in one day and stayed there in a basic, but very nice cabin to have a night rest before going in to the wild nature.

Cabin on our drive to Norway
Cabin on our drive to Norway

The next day we were going to start our quest for a wild camping spot (which is not as easy we thought). After a long drive of about 6-7 hours we found a small road that took us to this breathtaking lake surrounded by mountains. There was only one a small house there. We walked to the house and by all the luck in the world there was a Dutch family who stayed there with their family. The men who lived there actually owned the entire lake and allowed us to camp on his land. The following pictures are the result… how amazing:

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The lake was so clean we could drink the water and for the first time ever it was warm enough to swim in.

After a few days we decided to head off again in the hope of finding a different spot that would be just as nice. It took us a while, but we did! Again on a lake but this time with a small river as well where we could drink from. Because we finished our food supply we now had to catch our own fish. I can’t call myself an experienced fisher but I caught myself a trout! Now it was time for a campfire and have a true outdoor dinner.

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The Preikestolen 

Probably the most famous and touristic spot in Norway. Definitely worth a visit! The down thing on the Preikestolen is that there are so many people visiting this place but off course that has a good reason. The hike up takes about 2-3 hours and is an experience on itself. Great views, amazing nature and epic trials. But the best thing comes when you’re there… WOWW. Don’t be afraid of heights because you will sh*t your pants but what a incredible view!!

Norway has so many great places, touristic and non touristic. You can just drive your car anywhere you like to find yourself some unique gems in nature. Snowed mountains, stunning fjords, clear blue lakes and endless green forests. Endless and endless beauty everywhere around you.

At the end of the trip the quickest way back is to take the boat from Stavanger to Hirtshals. You can have a good night rest and drive home the next day. If you are searching for a bit of outdoor adventure I encourage you to explore Norway and follow the path of your fellow travellers.

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