Things to do in Marbella

Let me tell you a little story about Marbella. Marbella is a place on the Costa del Sol in Spain with sun most days of the year and a great place to either live or go for a few weeks.

Marbella and the surrounding areas are known for things like playing golf, entire days of sunbathing and going out at night. But once you look a bit further you will discover that there are so many more things to do in Marbella. Off course you have the beautiful beaches, long boulevards and fantastic little restaurants which you can enjoy all year round. But you also have the vast mountains all the way along the Costa and that’s where you can find your adventure. It is the combination of those two landscapes that makes you want to go there (and maybe never leave).

Grab a kayak and explore the ocean, go canyoning down gorges, paddle away on a sub-board, throw out your hook in a lake or at sea, move your feet and go walking or go badass with a quad or buggy straight through the mountains (have a look at the “things to do in marbella” website).
Grab your chance to experience the best of both worlds and explore Marbella and beyond.

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If you’re up for a little road trip the possibilities in Andalucía are endless. From long distance driving in nobody’s land to being a tourist in places like Ronda, Nerja and Tarifa. By the way, these three cities should be on your list while being here as they are so diverse. You have the famous and beautiful bridge in Ronda, the incredible caves of Nerja and the great beaches of Tarifa. Just have a small quest on the World Wide Web to find out more and see that there is lot’s to do around Marbella.

Please feel free to let us know your experiences so we can have them as well!

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