All-in-one | La Concha mountain to beach

Things to pack:

  • Good walking shoes
  • Rain coat (just in case)
  • A freshly made lunch
  • Couple of water bottles
  • Some coins to enjoy a cold drink back at the beach

To have the best of both worlds we decided to walk from La Concha mountain in Marbella all the way down to the beach of Estepona. A walk that will blow your mind and see the touristic Costa from a different view.

Walking La Concha mountain to beach
View Marbella

We had someone drive us about half way up La Concha so we could have our one way walk back to the beach and civilization. Just a little reminder for those who want to follow in our footsteps; bring some proper walking shoes as it can be a rough hike. Now off we go, all the way up to enjoy the magnificent views and see Marbella like it’s an ant’s nest so far away.
On top of the mountain you can enjoy your freshly made lunch, some water and the reason why you’re up there (nature, tranquility, view and because you can!).

Walking La Concha mountain to beach
Lunch time in the mountain

Now the next part of our hike, downhill and back to the beach. We saw some nice little streams along the way combined with the typical Spanish houses and again some beautiful views. The route down has multiple ways so be sure you have you’re route planned out before you go, or take a shot in the dark and see where you will end up.
Eventually we ended up at the beach and could use our coins to get a well deserved cold drink before we took off our shoes and enjoyed the last mile, bare foot, on the waterfront.

Home Sweet Home & satisfied

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