The wide beaches of Tarifa

The wide beaches of Tarifa

Ever since the flood last year the beaches on the Costa del Sol where a bit destroyed and very little was left so we decided to get in the car and head off to Tarifa.
The drive from Marbella to Tarifa is only about 1 hour and 20 minutes and well worth it! The road goes through the mountains and past the beautiful coast. If you like you can stop at some places along the way as we did, to have some coffee in the non tourist towns straight on the beach.

As we arrived in Tarifa and saw the unbelievable wide beaches we agreed on staying there for another day. Some friends of ours told us about a hotel (the Hurricane Hotel) just past Tarifa so we first went there and it was absolutely magnificent.

A bit higher than the beach, up on a dune, with incredible views, a breathtaking terrace and everything you would have imagined of a hotel near Tarifa. Not bad at all to stay for two days and start your beach walks or other adventures.

The wide beaches of Tarifa, Hurricane Hotel Tarifa
Hurricane Hotel Tarifa, beach view and terras


Hurricane Hotel Tarifa, swimming pool
Hurricane Hotel Tarifa, swimming pool

There are so many things to do in Tarifa. We had a great 18 km walk on the beach, half way we had a nice coffee and a small lunch. On the way back we experienced an almost tropical storm pouring down on us.

Tarifa beach walk
Tarifa beach walk

The next day we got up early to see the sunrise during breakfast, had a small beach walk and then it was time for activity!

What did we choose? Well, when you have these enormous beaches at your disposal you might as well use them. We chose to go for wind, speed and wheels: Kite buggy Tarifa ( Racing the sand with no more than 3 wheels under your *ss and a sail to get the speed (and steer a bit). A truly unique activity in Tarifa for the daredevils among us.

Kitebuggy Tarifa Spain Malaga
Kitebuggy Tarifa

To finish our 2 day trip to Tarifa we enjoyed the beach on hoofs and went on a horse riding trip (Las Margaritas). This might even be a must when you’re going to Tarifa as the beach is so suited for these grandiose animals.

Horse Riding Tarifa beach
Horse Riding activity Tarifa

To finish off the day we had a dinner at a picturesque restaurant overlooking the beach, nothing special and yet that is what made it so special. I’m not sure if they are open all year around but if you’re passing by anyways just check it out (Torre de la Pena).

That’s it. Our adventure in Tarifa. Nice, peaceful, not peaceful at all and a place I’m definitely going to visit again.

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