2 days Sierra Nevada

The Sierra Nevada is a mountain range about two hour’s drive north of Malaga in the province of Andalucía. Since we were staying in Marbella it was almost a sin not to go and explore this magnificent area.

“Conquering the Sierra Nevada in 2 days” Of course we were not even close to seeing maybe 2 percent of the beautiful mountains but we’ve seen some breathtaking views, enjoyed local food, wine and a beautiful road trip.

First we booked a hotel (El Guerra) in the north of the Sierra Nevada. As the weather wasn’t as great as you would expect in Andalucía we couldn’t really enjoy the outside areas of the hotel but that didn’t really matter as we were not there for relaxation… we came for an adventure!

Straight from the hotel we grabbed our bag, drove about 5 km to park the car and do a 7 km hike over the tops and true grass landscapes. Just a tip: be prepared, because you never know what the weather does as we were unfortunate to have hard wind and a bit of rain. But nevertheless; killing views! Do keep in mind that it is not a terrain for those who love to see nature from a screen.

So after a great and hard hike up in the mountains it was time for a nice meal. You have lots of restaurants in the Sierra Nevada as it is quite a touristic place during Winter sports. Don’t settle for one of those touristic restaurants as there a couple of true gems around which are not in the cities but along the roads a bit more away from the busy areas. We found a small restaurant (sorry, I forgot the name) with absolutely unforgettable food and the best tomato’s I’ve ever had the pleasure of enjoying. Again at night time we found this unique place (restaurante La Higuera) away from civilization. All the tables where set, two old men were sitting near the enormous fire place and there was no one else there. We sat at a table next to the fireplace all night with great food and a nice local carafe of tasty wine. A once in a lifetime time moment.

The next morning after a good night sleep and a nice breakfast the weather turned for the worse which ruined the change of another good hike. So we took the car and went on a small exploration by wheels. This drive took us to a historic postcard view at Virgen de las nieves (the picture above with the triangle, stone made thing) which is about 2800m above sea level. A fabulous way of ending the trip and drive back to the sunny Costa del Sol to enjoy a nice cold beer on the beach.

So if you’re living on the Costa del Sol or going there for a holiday and want to enjoy more than just the beach? Do not hesitate and take an adventure you will not soon forget.

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