The adventure of a lifetime: seeing exciting Andalucia in a different way

As outdoor enthusiasts we have seen a development in the love of the outdoors over the last few years. Just take discovery channel and others and you will see a vast variety of outdoor programs, from lonely survival programs to celebrity action packed outdoor adventures.

This has resulted in all kinds of actions, from 50 year olds finally wanting to relive their youth to 20 year olds discovering the outdoors to a whole herd of people with beer and crisps in front of the tv living the outdoors from their sofa. Whatever the result; the outdoors, nature, hiking has found new life.

The step to actually finding a deserted island, having yourself dropped there by helicopter, living off the land and returning as a fully trained survivalist might be too big for the most of us. So maybe you will find the following proposition something to consider as a little step to tasting the outdoors for a week.

We are a two adventurers based in Andalucia, in the South of Spain. Europe has beautiful areas, we chose here because of the landscape combined with the 300 days of good weather a year. Andalucia has mountains, forests, beaches, rivers…all elements needed for maybe a first time outdoors adventure.

In 1 week you will experience all. From hiking to canoeing to canyoning to quadbiking….and and and. Hooves, water, feet, wind….

Starting inland, slowly moving towards Tarifa where the Atlantic meets the Mediterranean and back along the coast. An action packed week.

Every day a different activity. Every day a different program. Every day something that might stretch most of you. Every day a different venue where we will spend the night. Every evening a different program which might involve some food and drink and fellowship. Every night when you go to bed that feeling of achievement and excitement and looking forward to the next day.


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